What difference to your life has the extra £20 per week made, and what difference would it make if it was taken away?: "I've barely noticed the £20 uplift. But I know I would have struggled without it. I joined universal credit in April last year, taking an advance out that's been repayed at over a hundred each month. So that repayment each month is paid by £80 from the £20 uplift, then twenty odd from my benefits. After repayment for advanced I'm left with £1200 each month. Without the extra £20 per week my monthly income after advance repayment would be about £1100. In April this year I'll have finished repaying the advance and either I'll have £1300 per month (which would be a huge difference) or, if they cut the £20pw, I'll have £1220. So more of the same but in another post I explained how quickly that money disappears into bills and food and how little is left for the month, how far that doesn't stretch. I've no idea how I'd have coped this lady year without the uplift (£1200 disappears fast on bills, £1100 would have been impossible during lockdown). I'd love to see what I could do with £1300. It'd be brilliant for my kiddies.

Also, IMHO, the cap is horrid. I'm not affected by it but it makes me feel sick to see others struggling to feed their families cos some stuffy toff think they know best.

People on benefits should be getting an income relevent to their needs and to cost of living. Children shouldn't be punished with hunger because governments want to punish the poor for being poor in an economy designed to keep us poor. We should be ashamed to call ourselves global influencers."

Victoria B
Jan 30, 2021

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