Victoria B on 26 July 2020

But also kinda fascinating all the seemingly little things can make big differences.

Here's another one for you, a little thing that seems simple but can effect food budget: cooking tools. For example, not everyone has the money to buy kitchen equipment that can enable them to have more options when home cooking. We've one pan and one small frying pan, which slows cooking down. And our over uses alot of electricity to cook even a basic meal, I often try to cook lunch and dinner together to save on energy bills. I have a slow cooker, Christmas gift to myself our first year here, which also helps but can be an expensive tool to others. And the small things like measuring scales and storage containers, seem cheap but the price quickly adds up and lots of families have to spend that money on other things. Most people also don't understand how expensive herbs and spices are, as they often only need to buy the odd tub,adding less than a quid to a trolley. But need to buy four or five herbs or spices and those prices quickly mount. I used to make lots of curries and soups from scratch but it's too expensive to buy all the herbs and spices, jared sauces are cheaper but less healthy. Storage is a factor, but so is transport to do shopping (which isn't a bother now as I don't go out if I can avoid, but if I could I'd be limited by when I'm physically able to carry). So many small things can effect a budget. We've an old man on our street who walks by often, he sometimes comes asking for food and I give him what we can, but I have to make allowances for what he can carry and what he can cook with his available resources/tools, sometimes leaving bags by door so he can grab something lightweight on his way past. And I'm not one of the people who has to worry too much about food. My kids will eat most foods, they are picky eaters but not out of rudeness just cos they're sensitive to texture. So long as I've got plenty porridge in they won't starve. But it's not as bad as some, I know people with celiac who are struggling to find suitable food on a budget without going out. Or others who kids have severe food sensitivities or allergies and need to budget to allow for that. So many factors that can effect a budget.

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