Connie G on 24 April 2021
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Q. What big changes have you gone through in the past year?
First of all, congratulations and I hope the move is as stress free as possible. I changed jobs last year in June/July as restrictions were starting to ease but it still very much felt like lockdown. I have now been in my job for almost a year and am still to meet the majority of my colleagues face to face. I think it has taken me longer to settle into the role, although I can do it, I don’t properly feel like a member of the organisation as I haven’t spent much time in the office. I was also devastated to learn of my friend dying suddenly and unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t seen her since before lockdown one started, purely because of restrictions and distance of where we lived. And it feels awful to know that now we never will see each other again.
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