Victoria B on 23 July 2020

This arrived at the same time as the food relief parcels we get weekly arrived, as the two teams work closely together (the organisation funding and managing the food relief is normally who provides lunches at the youth club, so they often work together but are separate from the organisation that runs the youth club), it was easy to tell with food was provided by which organisation. From this usual relief parcel we were given some biscuits, tinned beans and tinned meatballs and some 'add water' items. Of which we are grateful for but my kiddies are lately refusing to eat, saying they makes them feel sick. They're sick of tinned goods. They miss me making meaty and healthy foods. My kids don't complain though, they never act spoilt over it, they don't turn their noses up at when I offer and will often join me to see what herbs or spices we have left to try and improve upon the meal options (I am very worried about our salt intake, especially kiddies, surely all these tinned salted goods aren't healthy!?). They try to eat but can normally only manage a few mouthfuls before they say they can't stomach it no more. In the food parcel also came the dreaded bread, three loafs. One was stale and solid (I let the kids have fun carving it like a pumpkin - least it eased my conscience some that it wasn't entirely wasted), the other was of course mouldy, so common these days I barely bother to get excited now. But one loaf was actually edible, it was lovely for toasting. So yesterday I was able to cheer up some beans with meatballs by putting it on toast. I cried because it was the first time where my kiddies had eaten their full meals in weeks with gusto. And now for two days in a row. Tuesday with sandwiches and yesterday with toast and beans.

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