Victoria B on 21 January 2021

Enjoyed the zoom meeting last night. Lots of awesome ideas and perspectives. Plus is really fun to just hang out, in a sense, with like-minded people, all different but also all connected by Covid Realities. The world can feel so distant during a lockdown, these meetings with people from all over the country can help make the world feel closer again.

One of the ideas that stuck with me was that of timelines. It got me thinking about what our timeline was, what marked our covid year. So I thought I'd share in a diary this morning, cos why not eh lol. Handy thing about these diaries is it helps get random ideas outta one's head and into the world a little. Just knowing the awesome CR researchers read these diary entries can be comforting, like being heard on a more spiritual (for lack of better words) level, rather than just someone listening to me ramble and politely nodding along while internally thinking "when will this weirdo hush up already" ūü§£

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