Meg T on 15 February 2021
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Q. Do your children normally receive means-tested Free School Meals?
Q. Have you received any support with food for your children since schools have been closed? And if you have, what was the support like?
No. I home educate my 16 yo son. When he was in full time formal education he was eligible for free school meals because of our reliance on state benefits. We remain on state benefits. But because I have voluntarily withdrawn him from local education authority provision there is no support for home educators like me. He is with 24/7; 365 days of the year. We have completed our first year. The stereotype is that people who home educate are well off and can afford to do it. It's not necessarily so and any activities we do/ equipment we use have to be free or low cost. Anything more expensive has to come out of my son's Disability Living Allowance.
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