Teddie G on 19 March 2021

Well the last weeks have been strange, I got put into the clinically extremely vulnerable category and advised to shield. This came as a bit of a shock as I had not been put into this category in both the first and second lockdown even though I did think diabetics should be classed as ex clinically vulnerable. Had I been advised to [anonymised name] in the first lockdown I would of seriously thought about doing the community food bank which we’ve now been doing for over a year. And if I’m honest we are all exhausted but while people need food we will not stop. So first I received an email, then a letter from the government Then another letter from the local council all to tell me to shield. My husband works part time he’s at work for the afternoon school run. There is advice on how to get help to get food etc but no advice on how I’m supposed to get my children from school. There is advice on what to claim if you work and are shielding but this only applies to the person shielding. It does not cover my husband who has to go to work in a local supermarket regardless he cannot get furlough of sick pay due to caring responsibility and me shielding, it just doesn’t make sense he works in a large supermarket where social distancing seems non existent. My children go to school and mix with key worker kids basically they are all a risk to me and my health but I still have to be mum, school pick up and carer to my kids with additional needs as the other parent has no option but to go to work. I wonder how many people in the extremely clinically vulnerable category have shielded and still ended up ill through no support to run the home and care for the children or financial help for the other caregiver to stay home and provide care to the children.

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