How have you been managing in self-isolation?: "We had too isolate twice. The first time was in the summer as my son had a cough and high temperature. I found it really hard to get my daughter to understand that she could not go out to play or even speak to her friends. We got shopping online and family helped. Then again my daughter had to isolate as a classmate had tested positive. I found that extremly hard as We had to stay home for 2 full weeks. Obliviously I didnt have to.isolate but my daughter was to young to stay alone. The days were so long and boring. We ate all the food in 3 days with bordom and then couldnt replace it as we could not go shopping and didnt have much money. We also didnt recievce any help from school as my daughter is entitled to free school meals"

Dorothy T
Nov 2, 2020

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