"Haircuts!! ( sorry in advance for the rant).

My 14 year old son had waited very patiently during lockdown 3 for his haircut .....once the barbers opened he left it a couple of days then off he went,he sat in line in the Barbers for two hours for this haircut which for a child to wait that long is huge but add autism to the mix it’s even more huge.

Ever since he started secondary school he’s had a line shaved into his hair ..... it’s nothing OTT and it really does not look scruffy or Extreme ( or so we thought) .......

My son went to school and after a couple of days I were contacted about his hair ..... I was told it’s an extreme haircut and if the line was not shaved out he would have to go into IE ( internal exclusion) basically isolation until the line grew out.......

After thinking about it and wondering what my sons hair has to do with education and learning and not really agreeing to IE I decided to keep my son home until his line had grown out!

I know rules are there for a reason and will support school with my child not following them but to me This rule is just not right .....They want our children in uniform at our cost so they all look the same ..... Then they think they can dictate how our children have their haircut so they can’t even express their true selves with their hair style ..... I wouldn’t mind so much if they were paying but that haircut cost £17 and in my opinion it would of looked more extreme shaving the sides bald .......

So maybe if schools want to rule our choice of haircuts for our children maybe then they should provide the barbers and hairdressers and pay for it ......"

Teddie G
Apr 30, 2021

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