Erik J on 17 May 2021
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Q. How is your trust in government and the media?
Hi, I like you feel strongly that the government of this country is prioritising the economy over the health and safety of the people. It seems that they want to get everything open again before any variants start to spread too much, then just leave it to individuals to decide how to try and protect themselves. It would be far easier and safer to hold back on the easing of restrictions until the scientists fully understand how the variants are spreading and what this will do to hospital admissions before allowing people to meet indoors. They are currently saying that the virus is spreading fast among younger people, but these people then come into contact with others which will end up causing serious problems. Even the media now are more interested in telling people how far they can push the guidelines rather than encouraging them to be cautious. They are allowing school children to stop wearing a face covering in classrooms which is worrying for me, fortunately I have received both my vaccines but I am classed as vulnerable and do not feel safe knowing my daughter is not having to wear a face covering in a class of around 28 pupils. The government needs to slow down with the easing with the help of the media to keep cases as low as possible until the true scale of the future of the pandemic is understood.
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