Barb I on 27 November 2020
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Q. What's happened to your spending since Covid hit?
Our spending has fluctuated. We aren’t spending as much on diesel for the car, as we can’t see my partner’s family, who don’t live locally. We have spent much more on energy in the home, as we’ve been effectively grounded! My son wasn’t in school for several months, and that meant more Xbox use, laptop use and we couldn’t use the vouchers that replaced free school meals as they weren’t recognised online, by supermarkets. And, on top of that our food bill rocketed as I was shielding, and the only online shop we could obtain was at Sainsbury’s, where we normally shop in Aldi and the local Co Op. I also had difficulty with some of my medical supplies, and had to purchase additional items. One was alcohol swabs which were no longer provided in one of my essential injections. I sourced them online to discover prices had trebled. Why did the government not legislate against profiteering?
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