Have you had any problems in getting tested or self-isolating?: "We haven't had any problems and getting tested or self isolated and I drive so that's quite good. I know it would be quite a struggle if he can't drive near I'd like to use public transport how you would get to the testing center, but my son had tested positive and we had the isolate again and for another two weeks and we'd previously isolated three times and it is just so lonely and you feel just so dependent on other people and you don't want to ask for too much, you know, you usually end up to the shop if you forget to get milk or You forget to get bread or something, but you don't want to be having to ask people especially a few times a week. Can you get me this? Can you get me that? Can you get me whatever, you know, you're just trying to make do with what you have but it's just it's horrible to horrible thing to have to do especially for long burns when you only have the children there and as well to you if a child has the excellent, but the parent doesn't have the excellent. Be sure to type because your child has an old enough demand itself. So you're stuck either way or a sleeping again whether you have to or not"

Dorothy T
Feb 9, 2021

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