Erik J on 10 May 2021
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Q. What is your experience of home during the pandemic?
Hi, I am a housing association tenant living in a two bedroom house with my 15 year old daughter. Generally we have been kept well informed about what is going on with the pandemic but space has been a bit difficult along with keeping our home warm. We live in an area which I would describe as reasonably safe but the two bedrooms are quiet small and we do not have an actual dining area so my daughter has been doing her online lessons in the living room which has meant that I have to be very careful about causing distractions as there is not enough space in the bedrooms for her to be able to work comfortably which has been a problem for both of us. Our biggest problem however has been trying to keep the home warm without the cost being unmanageable, we do have double glazing but the front and back doors are standard timber doors which are not well fitting and the boiler is over 20 years old and not economical to run, the house receives very little sun during daylight hours and therefore is cold even during the summer months which causes problems for the both of us. I am diabetic and my daughter seems to suffer with poor circulation which is causing us both to endure painful chilblains during the winter even if we wrap ourselves in blankets. I have no idea what help may be available to us and do not know how to go about asking for help.
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