Pearl N on 01 October 2020

After birth was quite bad, I felt like I couldn’t move around a lot because the pain was worse and I had a catheter in. I was dependent on myself and it was difficult to leave my room, However was in a refuge I had the support workers to buy things for me from shops after I had given them the money. I appreciated it so much.

There were no delivery slots left, everyone was panicking taking them. It made me worried to whether I’d be able to get my son milk. Even in the shops a lot of things were gone and food was a struggle at times.

It makes me think, people who are formula feeding are at risk of not getting their baby milk if it runs out. People that are not very mobile are at risk of not getting deliveries.

I don’t own a car and I never did then. I believe there should be driving lessons grants for some teen mums, it would be so much better to be able to travel to get food. Even now I walk with my pram for 20 minutes to get to Tesco and I leave not getting everything I need because I can’t carry it all and if I tie it to the pram it will fall off.

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