Victoria B on 03 January 2021

Just chatted with neighbour, in our bubble. We, both households, need to self isolate. They're awaiting testing as their little one has some symptoms. Doesn't look serious or anything as yet. Our mummy spider senses are a tingling. Better safe than sorry.

It's ironic in a way. We normally go out on an afternoon to hang in the garden with them, as a bubble, but didn't today. We, my kids and I, just feel a little off today. I put it down to routine changes post new year's/Christmas plus all the fun of yesterday's snow day. Even little man is less his hyper self and non of us are hugely hungry, normally I can't stop kids from snacking but today they're just not too fussed and just seem a little jetlagged (not uncommon more Christmas/new year). I message neighbour to apologise for not coming outside today as usual, only for her to reply basically the same thing only her little one has a new cough along with. Gosh does one word change the whole perspective of a day. Chatted a bit, offered each other some comfort and the standard "I'm sure it's not covid but better safe than sorry" sympathies. Nothing much either of us can do unless symptoms get worse or test results come back (we're all hoping for the latter to be negative naturally). The anxiety, that "what if it is covid, will this get worse" thoughts I know we're both experiencing (as mothers especially, we have life's that rely on us). We're simultaneously telling ourselves it's nothing to worry about, probably not covid, it'll be fine. All while internally wringing our hands in barely smothered panic, berating ourselves for getting ourselves in this situation, blaming ourselves. Saying to ourselves "we've been careful, it can't be covid, but what if it is" and repeat. Until we know for sure one way or another.

I assume that's the same for families, and even though without children, the world over.

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