Syeda F on 03 December 2020
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Q. What's happened to your spending since Covid hit?
Hi. Hope this answer isn't too late. I know I have been spending less on things such as petrol, and going out. And I have been spending more on food and utilities (I am home working now so the computer is on all day and the heating now it has become colder). I also made a decision to give my two girls an increase in pocket money because we could not go out as much and they were spending a lot of time, especially in first Lockdown, playing on apps and games and buying craft stuff online. Its hard to tell if on balance I am spending more or less because I split up during lockdown so I am still getting used to this new life. I am coping, so I know I am not spending a great deal more, but a large part of that is because of the extra £20pw on UC. This question though has made me think about my finances - and I am not buying clothes. For me or the girls, I have not budgeted for this and nor have I had to buy any really. I did get one set of school uniform for my eldest who started a new school, and my youngest just got her old school uniform. I'm not sure if this is due to Covid though - its not as if they have stopped growing?
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