Alex R on 20 August 2020

Schools are back in Scotland, my child isn’t. My daughter is 14 and hasn’t stepped inside the school since a a bout of unresolved bullying and her mental breakdown in May 2019. It’s been a learning curve to understand my child is on the Autism Spectrum and does not come with crowds, does not understand sarcasm and has high levels of anxiety. Private Tutors were available beforeLockdown and a quiet corner of the public library was used for my daughter to work on her schoolwork. The library is still closed and school have lost the tutors due to funding issues. My daughter is at home uneducated. The £50 a monthfrom Aberdeenshire Council to cover free school lunches over lockdown and summer holidays has been withdrawn. My daughter is expected to attend he school canteen to collect her free lunches although she is not attending the school building and would cause psychological distress if she did. I have emailed all local councillors, who replied with advice to access food at the local foodbanks.

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