How would you describe your life, and how do you feel about it?: "I am enjoying some bits of my life....I am reading more books (I am on my 11th book of 2021), I am running every other day (something new since January) and that coupled with regular dog walks means I feel good about how much I am moving.

But I'm being ground down by work - I work for a mental health charity and finding it tough - I've come to dread using the phone and making calls; preferring to hide behind my screen.

I love having my children around me but I am looking forward to them returning to school because the massive impact of not playing with their friends and learning amongst peers is having a very obvious effect. We have struggled with motivation of home learning. We do it, but we don't enjoy it.

I feel exhausted. The simplest of tasks feels like an effort and I think it is purely because any reserves have been depleted. I don't feel like there is an end in sight and that concerns me greatly."

Connie G
Mar 1, 2021

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