"One of the dance mums who already has a large house and her kids attend every after school club on this planet and she goes out buying dress up outfits to take her wheely bin out and puts it on social media for attention, announced her husband who is an accountant, has secured a job a director of accountants in an oil company. I googled the salary. £80 000 -£168000 She has a career as a manager for a charity, does park runs every morning, in the amateur dramtic club and before pandemic, went to Disneyland and a Carribean Cruise with her family. Yes I am jealous..... who looks after the children while she jaunts round the park and as they both work?
I don't receive a penny from my daughter's father who owns his own business. I have qualifications coming out of my ears but no support for my daughter to allow me out to work.. No childcare would take an autsistic teenager. I have no choice of going out to earn. I have no choice of how much benefits to live on No choice where to live. Life isn't fair. Especially when you have a husband who is a member of the Freemasons...."

Alex R
Apr 7, 2021

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