"One impact of the Covid19 pandemic is that of affect on dental care provision. As a person on a low income, we rely on NHS dental services as we cannot afford to go private. As a parent to 3 boys, I am proud that non of them have fillings & my eldest are now 24 & 22 & take care of themselves now. But during the pandemic routine appointments for check up & therefore preventative care have been suspended. The situation now is that we - me & my 16 yo haven't had a check-up for approximately 2 year now. And my 16 yo has now started developing toothache. The earliest appointment is for 5th August 2021 - 11 weeks away. If I could afford to pay privately, this would not be an issue & my son would stand a better chance of preserving his teeth, which we have managed to do up till now. Low income should not equate with increased fillings & loss of teeth. Preventative dental health & medicine in general is worth it's weight in gold."

Meg T
May 19, 2021

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