Alex R on 15 April 2021
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Q. If you're on benefits, have you felt pushed into work? If you're in paid employment, what’s it been like for you?
My last job was 16 hours per week and I came out with £128 a week. I was pushed into covering annual leave for others. I worked 60 hrs a week for 3 weeks. Tax, full rent on private flat, full council tax and extra childcare was all paid. I took home £133. Yes I still had tax credits and child benefit in both situations but I worked 44 extra hours for £5 extra more than working 16 hrs. I complained to the job centre who patronised me saying but you should be proud you paid your rent from all your hard work. All it did was exhaust me and my child was distressed from barely seeing me. She hated the childminder's children who kicked and spat on her. There was no other childcare available in the area, who did flexi care at weekends. The guilt and exhaustion broke me. My ex was earning £2000 a week with his self employment as a builder. He never gave me a penny for our daughter. I still hear him laughing and mocking me, calling me thick and useless and its not his fault I wasn't clever enough to get a " proper" job.
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