Lois N on 05 December 2021
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Q. How does Covid continue to affect you and your family?
Hi Ruth, I hope you're feeling better. How awful, that's really really hard. Interesting point because I myself have been poorly, and really, really struggled. And struggled because only one out of two of us in the house drives, and that's me. I struggle because Harry has appointments and things. It's it is a hard when you are ill. I am not great at the moment. For us in terms of Covid I'm quite frightened. I'm asthmatic. And I'm quite concerned about the Omicron variant. I'm quite concerned about their virulence of it, and I'm concerned that I've got a friend who came into my house. Just hugging me this that and the other and then told me that her daughter had tested positive for covid. And now our whole family has tested positive for covid. I just don't know how I feel about that. Yeah, I'm already struggling to keep up with everything. We had some friends today over and I feel funny about that and I feel like because the government haven't said we need to lock down, you can't really say to people that you don't want to see them. Because what that means is you're rejecting them or that's how it will be read. So if there's no rules you can't really defend yourselves or defend your decisions. Without it becoming a really uncomfortable place. I'm finding it quite hard and lots of people not wearing masks and I just don't understand.
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