What are your experiences of claiming UC? Especially the role of computers in making decisions about your benefits?: "This is something that Interests me for three reasons

  1. I am in receipt of Uc
  2. I volunteer at an independent advice centre
  3. We use the cpag book as our go to book for the advice for our clients.

I found the applying for Uc easy as I have been doing it for my clients for a while. What I didn’t find easy is the keeping up with it. Having to input information on the 8 hours a day you were looking for work. I’m lucky that as I volunteer a few days I didn’t have to look for work on those days so I do have a bit of reprieve. I do think it’s an awful benefit not just because it’s digital and sometimes you wait days on a reply of something to you is very important but for the older generation even the younger generation that aren’t computer savvy. So many things I hate about the benefit from the stigma to the shockingly low rate of pay. I could spend all day talking about it."

Paige E
Apr 1, 2021

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