Pippa K on 11 December 2021
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Q. How does Covid continue to affect you and your family?
How has Covid affected my life this year? It hasn't been much different from the year before. My life has become small. People around me become poorly and different levels from being intensive care, not making it out possibly. When they have they are incredibly poorly still months later with the vaccine. I found out a few months ago, two months ago that I was, I can now come out of shielding and that um, I'm allowed a third of vaccine, not a booster. So I never got my shielding letter in the first place, which I kind of always said I've been missed off a list because on the government list, my drugs and my condition was on the top priority, but the doctors and the hospital were saying that I don't need to be on. It was really confusing and messed up. So, I missed out on lots of extra help. Couldn't get priority food slots, and basically tried to stay away from people. We haven't gone down with covid far as we know although we have had symptoms of it and had negative test. But still, if I do get sniffle or a little cold, we do try and stay away from people. I haven't really got a lot to say. School has had an effect and it's the first time the kids are gone back for a whole term. Which has been, it's been hard on them and not used to it. It's quite heavy going. They've a lot to catch up on, especially when I've got one child that is behind anyway, struggles at school. One child that is hitting the ground running. So yeah, weird year.
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