Howie P on 17 February 2021
Q. Where have you had to cut back on? What's been most difficult to find money for?

We have gone without a vehicle for some time, putting off MOT etc even though we live in a small place with no amenities or public transport. We are not eating much meat as I am using more money in the budget to get a veg box delivered in case we can't get to the supermarket or get a delivery slot- the veg box costs more. I barely spent anything at Christmas and got a last minute random cheap tree and turkey, which I never do usually. My student daughter is paying for rent at Uni but staying at home as she is afraid that she can't afford to go back, she is using being at home to budget and save money. We have to decide when we can put the heating on for maximum benefit and when we can heat the water for baths.

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