Alex R on 23 March 2021

Its 1 year since first lockdown. Big hullabaloo on tv and media. Boris Johnson declaring we were stabbing around in the dark. No Sir, you knew exactly. What you were doing.
You kept families and loved ones apart. You enforced laws and scare mongered society via media. I spent time without a mask and time wearing a mask due to others small minds.
I along with my daughter never had a corona test . I had 2 bacterial episodes that were cleared up with antibiotics. My appointments for blood tests and breast screening were delayed by months. The isolation wasn't anything new as lack of support due to my daughter's disability.
A man I know with cystic fibrosis is still alive and never needed to go to hospital

The elderly neighbour upstairs who chain smokes and a history of cancer is still alive and never needed to go to hospital. A relative who fell and banged her head in the shower and drowned has Covid on her death Cert. An elderly relative who went into hospital with stroke symptoms and had 3 clear PCR tests passed away and Covid was on his death certificate. A relative who committed suicide has Covid on his death certificate. I did not get swept along with the clapping for carers. I did not bang a pot and pan for the NHS. Especially knowing nurses were getting free takeaway for working their usual job on the usual wards ( not the covid ward) sitting in the hot tub with glass of prosecco bought a new Audi, bought a horse for her daughter.... and her daughter bullied mine before lockdown. Why would I want to clap someone who makes a mockery of the elderly patients who mostly have dementia on her social media? When will this farce be over?

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