Thea P on 27 November 2020

My child returned to school 2 days ago after having to isolate for 14 days due to the school bubble being in contact with a positive covid case. In school for 1 day and school called me at work saying he had a cough and they were worried. My son explained to them that he had a test the week prior returning to school due to sore throat etc. The school obviously became concerned thinking he was in school whilst awaiting results, which wasn't the case as I received the results nearly a week before his isolation ended. So, whilst they're trying to contact me, they move my son in a different room (I understand this). Once they contacted me I explained his results were negative and he is coughing because he is asthmatic and the weather is getting colder. When I pick my son up at home time, he gets in the car absolutely distraught and clearly emotionally distressed and said to me "I'm sorry mummy, I didn't mean for you to get a fine, I only coughed because I was playing outside at break time and was trying to get my breath back". It took me a minute to actually calm him down and asked him why he thought I'd get a fine etc and this is when he told me the teachers had said to him that I shouldn't have sent him to school, but now because he was in school whilst waiting for covid results (which he wasn't waiting for them) that I will now receive a ten thousand pound fine. Which bare in mind my son has bad anxiety and is also autistic and has Tourette's caused by anxiety. Thank you school for scaring my son, causing him stress, when all you needed to do was remove him from class, whilst you were worried and contact me. You didn't need to tell him I would be fined when you didn't even have the facts. Even if you did have the facts, that burden shouldn't be placed on a child.

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