Teddy W on 30 July 2021
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Q. What has Covid Realities meant to you?
Covid Realities has given me a voice and made me feel like my voice and lived experiences are important. I have hope that sharing our experiences can make a difference in helping not just my own family but many other families now and continue into the future. I have met new people from all over the UK and some I have developed a friendship with. We are able to support each other and talk about our concerns and worries which is a massive help. My hopes for the future is to see the £20 planned cut to be stopped and a better social security system put in place over the next few years so no child or person lives in hunger or fear of losing their home. I would love to see more participatory practice with those living in these low income scenarios be a part of policy making and steering benefits in a way that actually helps us and encourages us to work if we are able to. A system that recognises individuality and people's actual qualifications as opposed to just getting a job for the sake of it otherwise why will we encourage our children to go to college.
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