"i just wanted to say the COVIDREALITIES has been a mechanism of support for myself at a time when i really have been at my lowest (august) and without the covid realities listening to my voice and others alike,i personally believe i may have become more unwell,its helped release some of the stress and more importantly the mental stress as well as the uncertainty's we all currently face, i would say the anxiety and panic attacks aren't the best brought on by the current situation of the welfare system,something i have had to battle with through the pandemic something as a parent you find yourself hiding from the on lookers (people around you) in my case my daughter she sees me as her super hero someone strong and with no worries when inside at times its a different story.at present all is calm in my mind but one thing is approaching which is Christmas and we all know this is going to be a challenging one a very different one indeed we may and may not get tied up in our busy lives. so i take this opportunity to thank everyone at covid realities and JRF for doing everything you do not just for me for everyone you do an amazing job ,i cannot thank you enough wishing all health and happiness Neil, Abbie, Rachel #TheBoyds "

Ted S
Sep 25, 2020

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