What does this new lockdown mean for you?: "It doesn't mean much for us except that we're each more worn out and less motivated to even pretend things are normal. Kids play in the garden when they can, or distroy the house accidentally through boredom while inside. Cleaning has taken a back seat over keeping calm and collected as individuals and as a family. Food is everything, good food is the main market if a good day. Limited or unfun foods are likely to be matched with days of tantrums (not always from the kiddies) and grumpiness. Schoolwork feels unimportant, no matter how often I try to encourage it, when the real world seems so distant. I'm not worried about education, I know the value in taking time to focus on self care and processing emotions rather than forcing a task ones not ready for mentally, but it does make me sad to see my kids loose some interest in the things that once interested them. Sick of seeing the world through a screen or a window. But also frightened of getting ill or causing someone else to get ill. Rock and hard place have met, it's unsettled terrain. ūüėŹ It is however temporary, as with our sorrows, all things pass. Viruses ebb and fade eventually (faster when people/governments are beep fests) and society will reform into a new type of normal. In five, ten, twenty years these slow and depressing days will be vauge memories of "oh yeah, I remember those lockdowns, fun times." Sad how many of us won't be around to reminisce about these times."

Victoria B
Jan 15, 2021

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