How has your children’s mental health been impacted by the pandemic?: "My eldest son is 16 and the pandemic and home learning has impacted him the most for the last few months (ie) lockdown 3 his mental health has declined he hardly ever left his bedroom didn’t want to get out of bed or even have a shower however now school has re opened he seems to be getting a little more like his old self again after spending time socialising with his school friends. My 3 youngest it hasn’t affected that much as all 3 have continued to go to school as I’m a key worker. My little girl who is 7 really missed her best friend at school but is happy now there all in again. My other 2 boys aged 11 and 9 just take everything in the stride however there really looking forward to being back at football at the end of the month"

Hattie C
Mar 21, 2021

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