Teddy W on 17 December 2021
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Q. How is everyone coping with the rise in energy costs this year?
Hi Stacey, I have had to put £75 in my electric in just over 5 weeks. That is nearly double what it was last year. I have solar panels on my roof. I dread to think what it would be without. I only have oil heating so no option to pay as we use etc, its a bulk purchase and it's a min spend of £100. I cannot avoid the electricity costs as this is just simply keeping things ticking over. Switches etc are always turned off when not in use. It's eating into any pennies left and the over due bills are now not being met. I've switched my Internet supplier so managed to save £15 a month hut sure that is now gone on the rising electric. And we can see no light as we face more rises and higher N I now in April, is it ever going to end?
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