Erik J on 11 December 2021
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Q. Boris' xmas party, omicron and possible Christmas restrictions. What do you think of this week's news?
Boris is not fit or suitable to run the country. He should be removed from office by his own party members or voted out by the people of this country at the earliest possible time. The behaviour of of the government from the start of the pandemic has been disgraceful but not overly surprising, they are out to take care of themselves and not for the good of the country or the people living in it. We seem to live in a society where stretching the rules is now considered normal behaviour, but with a global pandemic the world needs to act differently. We could now be living with the threat of restrictions for our lifetimes. Another lockdown before or after Christmas is going to be tough on everyone but more so again for those families that are still struggling to survive on a low income, prices of food and essentials are constantly rising but incomes are not keeping up. There may well be a lockdown between Christmas and new year but will the government offer any assistance to those in need ? This is highly unlikely. Christmas this year will be very quiet for myself and my teenage daughter as will will be at home restrictions or not shivering in the cold just trying to keep ourselves as safe as possible.
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