What does this new lockdown mean for you?: "Ahh announcement of lockdown just came after children been to school one day. Kids were excited about going to school and when on Monday night announcement came, we were in shock. But to be honest I was kind of expecting this as cases are still rising and sending children to school was making me even more anxious. I had hopes that after a very tough year we will have an easy start in 2021 but here we go. Children are home all the time, they need attention and education. I feel frustrated and miserable but I am trying to be okay for my kids. My fears are how we going to make things useful and work out with the resources that we have, schools provided children with iPads but internet data still remains questionable. Also at the moment nothing is mentioned about school meals too like how Govt will be supporting the struggling families during this lockdown. Good luck to everyone"

Milly U
Jan 6, 2021

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