Teddy W on 15 January 2022

I am so tired of watching the news. Watching how the other people live. Parties and celebrations, meanwhile the rest of us are finding we can't even make difficult choices because the rising cost of everything alongside social security cuts has taken that from us. Electricity is becoming our one and only source of essential because we cannot eat or heat without it. I've noticed what I am putting into my electricity has doubled now since September squeezing my finances even more. The stress levels are rising and it can impact on family dynamics as us adults continue to worry and constantly tell our young kids to turn lights and switches off, when Al they want to do is watch TV or charge something but when your meter is on a few pennies they can't. A day in the life of 1 of us will never be enough for policy makers and politicians to actually get the drain effect, to know how tired and low we feel, to cry at night and feel like we have let our kids down. We are resilient yes however, resilience can only stretch so far before it snaps.

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