Victoria B on 06 January 2022

It has been a manic few weeks, I felt like it took so long but yet looking back I feel like I can't recall what we got up to. Had a calm quiet Christmas at home, some toys, some food, some games and lots of cuddles. Kiddies didn't feel like they missed out on anything and I mostly managed to stick to budget. Got paid new years eve and already, after bills and new year and back to school (found out this week that one of my kids starts swimming lessons next week so needed to worry about buying a swimsuit in the middle of winter) just enough left to cover food over the month. It'll be tight but we'll manage. We received a huge hamper of cupboard staples just before Christmas, very kind, some nice treat items like custard and sweets and biscuits, but also staples like pasta (loads of pasta actually), baked beans, tinned soups, etc. Very handy to have in the cupboard. Kids back at school, they're glad to be back, enjoying the stimulation. We're having regular trips to the play area on weekends, nice little simple routine going. It's weird not having the children home with me, not bad weird just new and unusual. I'll adjust. Is nice having the house tidier. Spent a small chunk of this month's money on storage boxes for toys and bits around the house, helps me feel more comfortable at home and giving me a little project while kids are in school. Weird, I'm finding less people are rude to me about not wearing a mask lately, it's like most people have stopped caring. I still sanitise and always wear my lanyard exception clear to see, but most people seem to just be ignoring the rules except those who can't ignore them. I don't get as many looks, though I do still apologise when I cough in public and feel I have to explain I'm asthmatic not covid symptomatic. It's sad cos over the holidays I tried to get in touch with people I've not spoken too in ages and five out of eight of them said they were isolating cos of covid, some felt really unwell and others seemed fine. I'm hearing about more people with covid now than before however less people are being as careful as last year. It's all very odd feeling. Mostly I'm just tired of everything now. My news years resolution this year is just for this year to be better than last year.

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