"this lockdown prevents a lot of things from happening but I'm having to look after my mum and she's going through stuff with a company that she plays on where she's won a few thousand pound they are refusing to payout till she provides information and even after saying the document of her birth certificate will be enough with her marriage certificate they are now telling her to provide more knowing that she's a disabled house bound elderly lady and doesn't have the documents and can't even get the documents they are demanding she provides she's being messed about and my mind is being overloaded because now I'm not dealing with her account and the company in questionn because I'm her carer and she's my mum the company in question has made her very unhappy and in turn this is making me unhappy I don't like hearing my mum crying and telling meshes had to spend even more money getting the information she's being asked for to be asked for more she has already wasted £100 pound getting information for the site that they said is acceptable then in the next breath saying its not enough it's making my mind blow I'm learning how to legally take on the company and sending out reguests for documents I believe companies are using this lo k down to take advantage of people and take their money but not give a thing in return and the gambling companies I believe are all trying to scam their most vulnerable players out of large amounts of money coz that's how they are coming across "

Enzo J
Nov 28, 2020

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