Peter S on 06 January 2021
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Q. What does this new lockdown mean for you?
Great question. Where to start? For me, my wife is about to head out on placement as a student nurse for 8 weeks in the middle of this lockdown. I am at home studying a masters full time and now I'll have the kids to keep me company again. I just don't know how I'm going to fit in the extra runs in the car for taking my wife to and from placements, the home schooling the kids, the house work and my studies. I'm feeling very overwhelmed! And of course there are extra costs to all of this, that just isn't being met. Add to this that on the rare occasion we leave the house to take my wife to Sainsbury's - the last time we went the shelves were bare and there were shortages - I can only assume due to panic buying and/or implications of Brexit, so we have had to get by on a very limited pantry. It's been tough.
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