Nellie K on 13 July 2021
Q. What are your experiences of 'getting organised,' and your thoughts or plans about 'getting out'?

Currently my husband is self-employed, he finished his first year during the pandemic and we have been relying on the relaxed minimum income floor as he isn’t earning enough. As the named career for a child under 3 I don’t have any work requirements.

On Friday my youngest turns 3, which means I’m going to be required to work for 15hours a week (despite the fact he’s only actually in childcare 12 hours a week and during the summer holidays I will have my 6 year old at home as childcare provision is non existent where I live).

At the end of July the minimum income floor is reinstated. My husband doesn’t earn enough. So we will lose money and I expect, in time he may be told he can’t be self-employed and needs to look for a ‘traditional’ job.

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