What big changes have you gone through in the past year?: "The biggest upheaval this year has been my 12 year olds transition from primary to secondary school. She didnt get much of her last year of primary school and ontop of that she moved to a school where she knew noone. I was going to enrol her in counselling to deal with CoVid and the rough transition until her new school decided to put on a well being summer scheme to deal with stresses and strains of the pandemic.

My 7 year old ia currently in art therapy to deal with hia experiences of the pandemic. He may not have a diagnosis but he finds change extremely different and hard to deal with.

As regards me. The biggest change this yesr has been financial strife due to the pandemic. CoVid has definitely placed a lot of stress on that and it has been very difficult to deal with. From availing of food banks more than once to asking for help with gas and electric. Its been a very daunting year for all."

Charlotte P
Apr 23, 2021

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