Nellie K on 16 June 2021
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Q. Where do you live and how do you feel about it?
There have been ups and downs about where I live during the pandemic. Fortunately we moved in December 2020 to a house with a bigger more private outdoor space. I don’t think I could have coped (or even socially distanced from neighbours) in the yard of our previous house. We’re also lucky that it’s in walking distance of a park and woods. The outside spaces have definitely been our life savers. On the downside, my city has pretty much been in constant lockdown. I think we had just August out of lockdown last year. As has my parents, and both cities have had strict do not travel rules for most of the time so we haven’t been able to visit or meet for a very long time. Let alone have my parents stay over and provide a bit of help. I also live in a quite affluent part of my city. It means I’m surrounded by families with much more disposable income, and the local shops/cafes have a higher price point. My daughters school has less than 10% of children on pupil premium so we’ve felt a lot of difference and lack of understanding there too. As things are opening up all the children’s extra curricular activities have gone up in price. Most local families can afford this but not us. There’s also a distinct lack of government approved summer childcare (that I can claim 80% back on) locally so I’ve no idea what we will do over the holidays.
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