Lois N on 22 July 2021
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Q. How do you feel about freedom day, and how will this affect your daily lives?
Freedom day is not Freedom Day. It isn't a chance to go out to a nightclub or going to celebrate by going on holiday. Those aren't options for us. Freedom day to me is the worst idea during this pandemic. And I think it just gives people the opportunity to do things that they've wanted to do all along quite selfishly. And not thinking about those people who can get out and who now have to begin shielding again, for the sake of other people's "freedom". I think it's the worst decision that the government has made. It's against all of the scientific evidence. The whole world is watching on. And I've never felt so expendable in my life and I've never felt that my son's life is so expendable. It's a disgrace. I think Freedom Day is nothing, it's just a strap line and a catchy phrase so that the government can look to be doing something when they're doing nothing at all to protect the citizens of the UK. I think it's appalling and I'm disgusted.
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