Nellie K on 05 March 2021
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Q. What did you think about the new budget? Thoughts on the £20 uplift extension, or what was missing?
Typical Tories. Can’t bear for the unemployed or ‘economically inactive’ to get anything ‘for free’. Out of all the scenarios for people on different incomes, it’s the people on universal credit who will actually lose money this year. Everyone else is better off. Have they had their head in the sand this last year? Have they not seen how financial inequalities equal health inequalities? How can we hope to recover from the pandemic, to help those who have had it harder because of existing inequalities, if we then take money away from them? Have we not learnt that so many of our essential workers are in low income jobs? Did they not see the unpaid labour done caring for children and the elderly that our society depends on? I’m so cross and disappointed.
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