Meg T on 26 July 2021

Covid19 self isolation day 9. Thank goodness for being double vaccinated - I have been absolutely fine & my lateral flow tests, like the PCR test taken last Sunday, have all been negative. My 1 6 year old son has had it rough, though. He has had all the classic symptoms - cough, fever, joint aches and pains, runny nose, stomach bug-type symptoms. He has felt frightened, very frightened because one his friends who is not much older than him ended up being hospitalised last year. It just added to his already high levels of anxiety & OCD-led intrusive thoughts. It wasn't easy dealing with Covid-19 in the middle of a heatwave and the temperatures outside reached 30 degrees C. It was so hot, I had to put ice packs in the rabbit runs to help them stay cool. He lost his sense of taste and smell about 3/4 days in - everything tasted of boiled leather - very bland. But thankfully, he's over the worst and we are looking forward to quarantine ending. But even then, despite lockdown restrictions ending in England, we will still be careful, in spite of whatever mixed messages the government announces.

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