"Another Covid Reality for me today is how complicated the DWP system is & how information is not shared across department & HMRC when necessarily - especially in terms of child tax credits. I am in receipt of Carers Allowance for my 16 yo. I think I've informed all the departments that need to know - Carers Allowance Unit, ESA, my local council & HMRC , but I genuinely can't remember, so now have to trawl through my previous paper trails to double check & rectify the situation if I haven't. Meanwhile I am stressing in case I haven't informed them or informed them in time as there are possible penalties in terms of prosecution, financial penalties or being stripped of the benefit. If I haven't - it is an accidental oversight, because both I & my son have both been unwell, but I am scared to say anything in case I am punished even though it's the right thing to do. Obviously I will say something, but it's just so stressful in the meantime. I just wish the whole system of bureaucracy would been more user friendly & responsive to claimants so that you only have to input information once & it is shared across all departments. "

Meg T
May 19, 2021

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