Ted S on 24 October 2020

Then after I jumped onto a post by Laura Farris MP because she voted against them in a live video feed this morning she responded with the reasoning even though I am not in her area (but I still wanted to make a point). In her reply she said local authority's have a sum included in their funding to provide this and it was up to them... this I am wondering about.... then after a discussion with a friend about food banks and stigma she said some are frightened to go to a food bank in case they inform social services (but I have noticed some food banks have a rule you must have a referral which kind of makes it harder ya damned if you do and starve if ya don't for some) Then I just found out there is a food bank open on my estate opened or attended by Charlotte Crosby (Geordie Shore). I've never heard of it, its round the corner almost but then we are back to the stigma do I or anyone else might have the same thoughts do I need a referral? I would shy away from asking for a referral because of the social service thing

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