Syeda F on 10 July 2021

I know being on UC means you have to tighten your belt, look to ways to cut your spending. I am virtually at my end of that and struggling to think of other ways to achieve this. All it takes is for one thing to push you back in to debt. In my case it is my glasses. I work on a computer all day and use professional books too, so am constantly switching between long and short sight. I know my eyes are suffering so I got my first eye-test in 3 years. Work pays for it through expenses, and the optician has said I need glasses to work on a computer so I get an extra £60 from work towards my new pair. I didn't go designer, but I need special lenses, so I am still £200 worse-off.

I didn't manage to budget for that. But at least I am getting them before the uplift goes.

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