What did you think about the new budget? Thoughts on the £20 uplift extension, or what was missing?: "The government are disgusting!! They seems to sweep rising poverty under the carpet and think a blanket £20 for universal credit (without extending to legacy benefits and capped) is adequate. It isn’t it’s ridiculously shameful. We have people who are having to choose between heating and eating and that should never be the way a family/person has to live. Especially when the government think nothing of second homes, lunches, evening meals, drinks, Chauffeurs etc from the tax payer purse. And don’t even start me on the unforgivable 1% increase for nurses, after all they have done especially over the last 12 months. They deserved better just on a normal year, the government should hang their heads in shame."

Lexie G
Mar 5, 2021

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