What did you think about the new budget? Thoughts on the £20 uplift extension, or what was missing?: "What a crock of shit, quite frankly. No longer term security for those on UC in receipt of the £20 which is necessary for being able to feel secure & plan. Nothing at all for legacy benefit recipients like me. And the inaccurate assertions of the Chancellor in talking about having to pay it all back. That's actually a whole load of hogwash - there isn't a National Debt per se, since the economy was unlinked from the Gold Standard, originally set up in 1821 & abolished back in 1931, finally being dismantled in 1973. Rishi Sunak needs to be much more transparent - but then they wouldn't want that because not allowing folk to know the truth about the UK economy means they can continue to justify austerity. I'm fortunate, I am intrigued by economics, & have studied it a little during my psychology degree. But the vast majority of folk will be too consumed trying to survive austerity & the pandemic to be able to focus on the lies they are being spun. On reflection, I think I am quietly incandescent with rage."

Meg T
Mar 8, 2021

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