Lexie G on 10 March 2021

My mind has run away with me since talking on the Covid Realities Zoom meetings and certain things that I have never spoken about due to shame and judgement that really should be spoken about, we shouldn’t ever feel shame for our circumstances especially when the whole system is built to make us fit these horrific stereotypes. I won’t do video even in my safe space of Covid Realities Zoom calls because I am very overweight, I know this is due to my health conditions and many medications, but people don’t see that they see someone who can’t be scrapping the breadline because they are fat so must eat lots and have lots of expendable cash for takeaways and treats. The don’t see the hunger I’m feeling because we had to choose between the kids eating or us eating for the first time in 3 days, they don’t see the pennies being counted in my head all the time trying to balance having the house heated or buying sanitary wear! Things like sanitary wear shouldn’t be a luxury but there are times where that’s exactly what it is. Life shouldn’t be this difficult, the system should be built to make people fail where is the justice? Where is the “Be Kind”? Where is the Togetherness?

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